What to expect

Yoga in Dubai

On a yoga tour, you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate on strengthening your physical and mental health, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The organization of collective practical events and joint leisure (tea drinking, gatherings around the fire, leisurely walks) helps to unite like-minded people, there is a chance to make interesting acquaintances.
Believe me, after returning from the trip, you will not be the same: the problems that worried you will seem insignificant and not worth attention, life priorities will change. You will value your inner peace and balance more, you will be able to emotionally not participate in adverse life situations, you will realize that your body's reserves are unlimited. Attending such events is a tremendous opportunity to recover and recharge with vitality.
In addition, you will be surprised to find dramatic improvements in your well-being:
• joint mobility will increase;
• muscles will become more elastic;
• the spine will be strengthened;
• extra pounds will disappear;
• general rejuvenation of the body will occur;
• feel deep relaxation;
• enjoy the present moment of life;
• find inner silence. 

Who suits

A trip aimed at self-improvement is necessary, first of all, for those who find it difficult to find time to work on themselves in their daily rush, there are too many distractions. While away, you will have the opportunity to switch all the attention, energy and reserves of the organisms to the knowledge of their nature, the disclosure of internal resources.
For people who have not practiced yoga before, this specialized tour will be a great opportunity to experience this culture. Experienced practitioners will be able to gain new knowledge, improve the approach to the study of yoga philosophy, and move to a new level of awareness.
The age for immersion in the enchanting world of self-development is unimportant. Focus only on your own strengths and feelings.
Physical training
Since the intensity of the courses in most cases is presented in several versions (beginners, continuing students and professionals), anyone who wants to improve their abilities, a person, regardless of physical fitness, can take part in them.
An experienced teacher will initially assess the level of training of his students and distribute the load, taking into account individual characteristics.
Psychological preparation
If the desire to change your life is firmly rooted in your head, you want to get out of the matrix, breathe deeply and look into the depths of your soul, then you are definitely ready for a yoga tour. Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone! It's like jumping into cold water, like breathing unusually clean air of mountain peaks – you will experience incomparable sensations.